Iron Man 3 Trailer: too Extremis for me to handle

For those of you who don’t know, I love me some Iron Man.  Safe to say he’s my favorite Avenger.  And out of the separate movies, the Iron Man series take the cake.  I had every intention of staying up to watch the trailer that released last night/this morning.  And then my 5 year old woke up from a bad dream and took over my bed and decided my arm made a good pillow.  So I decided just to wait until daylight to watch it.  Even if my daughter would’ve enjoyed watching the trailer as well since she loves Iron Man too (though Thor is her favorite ever because “he’s cute.” Can’t fault that logic).

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet shame on you go watch it now

you can see it here and then under the cut you can read some of my inane ramblings if you so choose.

What with Thor 2: The Dark World and its possible spoilers/rumors (there are some for Iron Man 3 so be warned) and all that The Winter Soldier means for Captain America, it seems the second phase of Marvel’s movie ‘verse for the Avengers is taking on a distinctly darker tone.  And with Iron Man 3, there’s no exception.

Because.  Extremis.

If you’re not familiar with the comics, Extremis is a specific story arc in the Iron Man comics that sort of served to reinvent the iconic hero.  There are actually several parts of the first two movies that share similarities with the Extremis arc, to the point that it only makes sense to include the Extremis serum/virus, right?

The first hint at that would be in the trailer when Tony Stark seems to call forth a gauntlet by thought alone.  The look of surprise on his face makes it seem as if it’s the first time he’s tried it since the injection (also, in the trailer, there’s a scene where Tony is on a medical exam table about to get oxygen so…) And then there are Tony’s words, speaking of nightmares.  One of the drawbacks to Extremis was the overload of information accessible to Tony’s big, beautiful brain.  It’s possible that he’s having problems shutting down enough to sleep.  And the scene where Tony and Pepper are in bed, well.  She looks as if she’s trying to shake him awake, doesn’t she?  Only to be thwarted by one of the Iron Man suits; most likely subconsciously under Tony’s nightmare induced directions.

I can only imagine the strain this will put on their relationship.  It doesn’t help that Pepper is constantly getting thrown right in the middle of all the conflict.  Just look at her face as she’s in whatever harness is holding her in place (I’m assuming some kind of plane or helicopter belonging to Stark that gets attacked?).  Though I won’t lie, a small part of me is hoping it’s something more diabolical, like Pepper getting an arc reactor of her very own implanted.

Then there’s the Mandarin.  In the trailer he states he’s out to prove there are no such thing as heroes.  In the comics, Extremis is a modern Super Soldier serum.  The Mandarin wants to make it available to all.  And if that’s the case in the movie, it would go a long way to proving that there’s nothing “super” or heroic about anyone who takes it; they’re just a product of the injection (which, oh hey, gives me a lot of feelings about the exchange between Tony and Steve in the Avengers).  But what kind of powers does the Mandarin have under his control?  Simply the power of technology and weapons? Or something more supernatural?

There is a lot of emphasis on the many different suits.  If the spoilers/rumors are to be believed, Tony has to use them all to not only save many important people but also defeat Mandarin. And yet there is the scene where Tony appears to be under some kind of attack by an aggressive suit.  The last thing I want to worry about is Tony somehow losing control of his suits, or someone hacking into JARVIS to use them, or Mandarin blowing them all up (wait…)

And then there is the reoccurring theme of the arc reactor. More specifically, powering up the arc reactor.  On the Facebook page, there was a promotion to help power up the reactor by liking it (the result being the teaser trailer we saw a few days ago).  The trailer starts off with the arc reactor flickering on and off, ends with it turning off, only to come back on after the scene of Tony dragging his suit behind him in the snow. Okay? I’m nervous about this movie.  Not for the quality.  Not at all.  But for what this all means for Tony and those around him.  There are so many different aspects to the trailer for the movie to touch upon.  And so much speculation that can turn it into different directions.   So many questions.  So little answers.  So much excitement.

But.  The most important question out there is this:  Will we get to see Tony Stark in all his golden under armor glory?  WILL WE?



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