TV Round Up: ‘Merlin’, ‘The Walking Dead’, And ‘American Horror Story’

Fall is the season that keeps on giving! Almost all of my shows are back! I don’t want to talk about ‘Community’. There are so many feelings that go along with these shows. Let’s jump right in!



This episode set the tone for the rest of the season and I think it’s a great one. Not everything is as it seems and I’m nore sure how I’m feeling about Mordred at this point, or Morgana for that matter. I think the only thing that really made me sad was Merlin found his dragon and didn’t take him home to give him reading lessons. But in all seriousness I see seeds of change being planted. For good or evil I do not know! I love that this show is close enough to the legends that I feel I know these characters but not so close that I’ve seen it all before. What about what Merlin saw in the well? Or what about the Key to Merlin before he left? And most important: What magic bra do Angel and Katie wear on set bc their boobs look fantastic! I’ll take two.

The Walking Dead


I was a little bit worried about this show. Not for lack of writing but when we left off last season I was ready to serve half this group to the zombies as bait so the other half could live.  The opening sequence of this set those worries aside. The show jumped in time and we can tell right off they have found their groove under Rick. Now we knew from last season the group was headed to the prison and it was a terrifying as I imagined it to be. That’s just the structure itself. I’ll leave it up to you to decide about whats on the inside.

We also get to see how the relationships have progressed. Glen and Maggie are the cutest, and I love where Rick and Lorie are. I know that may sound wrong but I find where they are at now more real and believable then they ever were before. Lorie was one of the ones I was ready to tie a dinner bell on last year. After her reaction to the news about Shane and her hand in the events that lead to that, I was done. Now she’s finally realizing the impact of her actions on both Karl and Rick and I say good.  I know it’s hash but you can’t have it both ways. You just can’t.

The last 5 minutes had me rocking in the corner chanting “nononononononononononono”.  I don’t know what to do with what I saw! I have so many emotions!

American Horror Story


Now is a good time to state if you are squeamish about blood and gore this isn’t a show you want to watch. Just putting it out there.

What is so awesome about this show is if you haven’t seen season one it doesn’t matter. You can start right now bc it’s a completely different story. The writers opted for an anthology approach using the same core actors, like a company for a theater. I love this for so many reason. It allows for us to get something new every season without growing tired of repetitive story lines I’m looking at you gLee while also getting to see these actors show their range, a lot of it.  There are a few newbies to keep it fresh but they only add to the show.

This season is focused on the fear we have in our minds and takes place in an insane asylum during two different times. There is mystery,  gore, and a real wrongness to the whole thing that it truly terrifying. I’m already trying to figure out the plot twists and what everything could be. I will no doubt be wrong but it’s fun all the same.

What are you watching this season?


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