It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Mel: Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. And I don’t even like candy! I love dressing up and getting to show off what I’ve made. (This year I’m forcing my family into doing a theme, but seeing as I haven’t started sewing yet I don’t want to jinx it by saying what it is. )

Now there are a bunch of kids ideas for kids and that’s great. However, I’m going to mainly focus on the ones for adults. (I’ll link some kids ones at the end.) I tried to get a range that you could make your own.  If you like what you see just click on the picture and it will take you to where you want to be!


First up we have an awesome real life comic girl. This one isn’t so much a how-to but they do show how it’s done. It would be easy enough to do for guy or gal. Think of all the classic comics that could come to life buy using this as a starting point!


Next up we have a Dino suit. This looks so comfy! Now If you change the colors on this to purple and green you this would be a GREAT Spike (MLP) costume! I would also make one of these to wear around the house just because.

Steph – you know, you said change it to purple and green and my first thought was Barney.  Children have really skewed my perception on all things.


If you have a partner in crime this my be a fun one to do! Each of these could totally work on their own as well.

Steph – HEY HOW’D YOU GET THIS PICTURE OF ME AND THE MISTER. Just kidding.  But last year we did do a Flintstones theme.  I was, of course Wilma, the Mister was Fred and our mini was a perfect Pebbles (that sassy red head).


This is a great How-to on how to be a green army guy. This could be really fun if you got a group to doall the different poses.  It could also work great if you wanted to do a Toy Story theme.


Here’s another great couples/partner idea. WILSON!


Here’s a great DIY for becoming a rag doll!


Here is a great Lego man how to. It serves as a great base to do just about any Lego person you need!


Hey all you Legend of Kora fans! Look at this AWESOME Bolin Cosplay! Now when you click on the picture it will take you to the break down of how to make this. Go here to get the pictures that go along with it.


Here is a super cute version of Alice and the white rabbit! It isn’t a how-to but there are a lot of pictures to let you see what they did.


This one is for all my gadget junkies out there! It looks like all you need is a cardboard box, Printer (For the app photos), glue and some black and white spray paint.

Here’s a great video to show you how to make a great pair of fairy wings! Here is also another tutorial that give you a list of the supplies needed.


I don’t think I need to explain why this how so is awesome, do I?

Steph – No, please, do explain.  Oh man, but seriously.  How cooooool.


Talk about blast from the past! I lost track on how many hours I spent playing this game/watching the show. Education was never so much fun!


Who doesn’t love a meme come to life?! “I left the Ocean bc it was too mainstream.” Hipster Arial, never change!


This one’s for all my Who fans out there! Let’s all make our own Fez! Why? Because Fezzes are cool!


Or maybe you want to be one of the scariest things Doctor Who villains ever! This is something I have to do. I HAVE TO!


Here is an awesome “Lady Bird” costume DIY.  This one is great for using up all those scraps you may have laying around. I think the shoes may be my favorite part!

And last but not least here are some links for kiddos.  25 girl costumes here and 25+ boy costumes here

I hope I was able to spread some Halloween cheer! What are you going to be?

Steph – I LOVE Halloween.  Dressing up is my favorite thing ever.  Unfortunately, I usually have to force my husband into doing something theme related.  Most memorable would have to be when we did Yo Gabba Gabba and he was DJ Lance Rock.  Or as he said, the Jack Black version.  Our oldest was Foofa, naturally, because she loves pink.  I loved my costume.  I took a a cardboard box and turned it into a boombox.

Mel– DJ BOB FOREVER! (AKA Steph’s Mister.)

Our family is doing an Avengers theme this year.  We went the lame route and bought costumes.  Only because my oldest daughter didn’t like the idea of me being the Tesseract for Halloween.  I thought it was a fabulous (and inexpensive) idea.  You’d just need a cardboard box (apparently I really like cardboard boxes) big enough to stuff yourself in and spray paint it a metallic blue color.  She totally nixed the idea.  So now I’m Iron Man…Woman.  The Mister is Captain America. Mini, who is in love with Thor (“NO, it’s not because he’s cute!” Sure…) is going as the God of Thunder him herself.   And littlest is going as baby She Hulk.  Her’s is the simplest of all, a green onesie, leggings and a purple skirt.  And I think I’ll rip up a white shirt and write the words Baby She Hulk, just for good measure.  Not many people have great imaginations these days….go figure.

Perhaps, if I’m not feeling too shy, I may even share some pics. We’d love to know what all of you out there are planning for this fabulous holiday.  Feel free to share your ideas with us!


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