Star Trek Ongoing: The Red Shirt’s Tale

Steph: This issue gave me a lot of feels. Most of which center on how Cupcake, er, Hendorff views his job as basically a protector of the ship and feels about his crew.
I thought I’d read somewhere that his character wouldn’t be returning for the movie, which is a damn shame after reading this issue. Either way, I’m glad to have received this snippet of Redshirt life. It gave me so many feelings about the role they play; all while gently poking fun at the stigma that surrounds that color shirt.
What interested me the most, however, was the relationship between Uhura and Hendorff

Mel: I don’t care. Hendorff will always be Cupcake. ALWAYS. So when I saw the cover of this I was excited. Then when I realized I didn’t have to wait another month to get resolution for the story I could have wept happy fangirl tears.

Steph: I won’t lie, I really disliked the romantic aspect of the 2009 movie. Mostly because I have a hard time seeing Spock with anyone other than Jim and the movie didn’t need any love story to propel it. So I’d be happy if Uhura and Spock are no longer an item in the upcoming movie. And really, I have a new found appreciation for Hendorff. He deserves some love.
Hearing about Kirk’s apology, Bone’s gruff bedside manner, Sulu’s general badassness, to name a few, was very cool. Especially the way it was done. Through the eyes of a man writing home to his parents.

Mel: You can learn a lot from people from how others see them. Cupcake offers a ton in the way of seeing the main crew in the way we don’t normally get to see. In many ways I find it more accurate than what we get to see normally. I loved that we get to see Kirk take responsibility for being a dick jerk when they first met. I love that while he sees through Bones’ grump, Cupcake is still scared of him. 

Steph: There was even some suspense in this issue that had me worried for awhile there.

To me, the best part about this series is the ability for the writers to explore the characters in more depth, even those that aren’t considered “main” to the eyes of most.  And really, they managed to take a character I didn’t much care for and turn him into someone I really love.  How they managed that feat after the way he’s introduced…

…all in one issue, is pretty impressive.

Mel: I think this issue may have to be my fave to date. I saw what I hope is hints for the up coming movie DAMNIT JJ JUST GIVE ME A TRAILER. COME ON IT HAS BEEN 4 YEARS. 4 YEARS!  and I like them. A lot.  The last page was so… inspiring as a fan. It let us see these people as more than just a color of a shirt or a running joke. They WANT to be there and more importantly are proud to do it. What do you mean they aren’t real?

You can pick this up at you local shop or online here.

What color shirt would you choose?

Written by: Mike Johnson Art by: Tim Bradstreet and Stephen Molnar 


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