Movie Fun: Ponyo and an Ocean View Tutorial


Ponyo is one of our favorites here and I wanted to find a way to mix things up with watching the movie. I tried to think of things I could do that were kid friendly-ish and fun for every one.  That’s when I remembered making an aquarium in school and had the kids draw/color the fish they saw in the film. I did tell them that we were making a window to the ocean instead of fish tank because my mini didn’t like the idea of taking the fish away from there home. I think I loved doing this project more than the kids so I can see it being fun for all ages.  Just look!

Come this way to see what you’ll need to make your own


  1. Wax paper
  2. Copy paper or construction paper
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Color pencils
  5. Scissors
  6. Felt (picture) or some other item to “frame” your window to the ocean. (Like ribbon, paper or cardboard)
  7. Iron (Not pictured)
  8. Ponyo DVD!

First, you’ll want to pop on the movie and try and figure out want you/your kiddos want to draw. The first 15 minutes alone offer tons of ideas!

I ended up drawing a bunch of the things we saw and we colored them in together. My son didn’t really want to do either and stuck to doing his own thing.

Once you get everything drawn you want or the wee ones grow tired of coloring it’s time to cut out the shapes and sea creatures you’ve colored. While my son didn’t really have any actual fish to cut out we found a way to incorporate his art.

Sea floor! “Every sea needs a floor, Mama” -Mini

and a cave/tunnel for Ponyo to swim through or hide in. As you can see I tested out how these (and all of the others) fit on to the wax paper first. Keep in mind the final shape you want as you set your pieces out. It also allows for your kiddies to get things just the way they want. Things also work better if you lay things out on the iron board/surface.

Once things are just right lay another piece of wax paper on top of your creation so your drawings are sandwiched between two pieces of wax paper. Set you Iron to the lowest setting and iron. You can use a piece of copy paper or parchment paper if you’re worried about the wax on your iron. It won’t take long to melt the wax. 30 seconds max.

Let it cool for a few minutes so the wax can set. It should look something like this when it’s ready.

Now all that’s left is a frame for your window! You can do felt like I did above. I simply placed my wax paper on the felt and traced around it with a white color pencil. Then I cut about an inch/inch and a half outside that to get the frame. Then I cut out the middle about a fourth of an inch inside the outline to allow for like to come in. I repeated the whole thing on another piece of felt using the first frame I made as a guide.

It looked like this when I was finished.

Hot glue the fame pieces on and TA DA! You have a window to the Ocean.

You don’t have to do a square either. Mine was all wavy and I used ribbon to frame it.

If you want you can hot glue string to the corners and hang them up!

What ‘re you going to put in your Ocean view?


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