Doctor Who Premier: Asylum Of The Daleks


The 7th series of Doctor Who premiered this last Saturday (Sept 1, 2012) and I’m still mulling over the emotions I got from it. The Daleks kidnap the Doctor and the Ponds  to force them on a crazy mission to a really creepy planet. The Pond’s are having issues, (which I place squarely on Amy, girl, it’s called communication) and the Doctor is trying to figure out how to get them all out alive. There is a really awesome twist in the story that left me feeling more emotion for the Doctor and the person they find on their mission than I did for Amy or Rory. (It’s very River Song-ish)

I have hopes that *this* will be the season I finally am able to really connect with the 11th Doctor. I found Who at the very beginning of Martha Jone’s run and really grew to love the 10th Doctor and the band of misfits he surrounded himself with (9 was awesome too but we really didn’t get him long enough to get emotionally ~involved). When they changed from the 10th to the 11th there wasn’t anyone to tie the previous Doctor to the new one the way Rose did. We got a new Doctor and a new companion and a lot of stories that revolved around Amy that left the Doctor as a background character a lot of the time  for me. I’m hoping since Amy* won’t be there to steal the show we’ll get to see more of this Doctor. Rory on the other hand, can stay. I love him. LOVE him. He’s right up there with Donna Noble for me.

The next episode looks like it will be a great one and I am excited to see it! Just look here! Next week I hope to have my Who inspired finger puppet set finished to show off here too. *Fingers Crossed*

What are you most excited for this season?

*To be clear I like do Amy. She’s just not my favorite. *Cough* Donna *cough*


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