Star Trek Ongoing: The Truth About Tribbles Part 2

Mel: I feel like this panel is a great place to to start this review. Poor Captain Kirk. So when we last left off, our away team of ill behaved kids (and Vulcan) were trying to save the planet from certain doom. Thanks a lot, Klingons! Well, they do indeed succeed by playing the best game of telephone ever!

Stephanie: I’m really happy Kirk’s hair looks better.  That was my main concern, to be honest.
The first few pages are devoted to figuring out how to deactivate the explosive devise left behind by the Klingons.  During that part, we get to see Uhura using her talented tongue.

Mel: The happiness is short lived thanks to a call from Pike. Scotty’s little transporter experiment has not turned out so well for his nephew. Also, I love Spock’s expression in this panel. It’s like “Why are human’s so illogical. They make my life so hard. ”  And now that I look at it, his face looks a lot like Jim’s.  I wonder….

Stephanie: If Scotty’s nephew doesn’t make some kind of appearance in the next movie I’ll be so disappointed.
Obviously, no one wants to kill off all the toupees tribbles and every crew member is trying to think of a way to get rid of the fur balls without harming them.  In my opinion, Scotty’s idea is BY FAR the best.  In fact, when I read his suggestion, I got really giddy.  Spock promptly squashed on my hopes and dreams though.  So.  Nuts.  Vague comment is vague.

Mel: You know who else is awesome? Bones. That grumpy doctor secretly wants ALL the tribbles. Can’t you just see it? Bones on his porch with an ice tea (Don’t you mean a mint julep? -Steph) in hand watching his tribble farm with a sense of pride. Egh? Egh? OK maybe he doesn’t love them that much but he does seem to like them a lot more than everyone else.

Stephanie:  I’m a fan of the way Spock and Bones are all of a sudden Science BFFs.  And of the way our three favorite Enterprise crewmen are spending more and more time together.  It gets me even more excited for May 2013 and what the next movie will bring us.  WHAT IS IT BRINGING US DAMN YOU JJ AND YOUR SECRECY.

Mel: Any-who, Spock’s plan to get rid of the little fluff balls is 5 parts brilliant, 2 parts awesome, and 3 parts “Sucks to be you, Scotty.”  It really does suck to be him too (I’m pretty sure it was also part payback for the mitten comment -Steph). Lol Oh well, it all works out in the end and everyone is happy. Don’t worry about the Tribbles though, they are sent to live on a loving planet in the outer quadrant. True Story.

So even with this tale’s lighthearted story-line there were some big hints dropped in the last few pages that I think are hints towards the upcoming film. (JUST GIVE US SOMETHING JJ!) I’m guessing we may see these little fluff balls again.

Stephanie: I know, the Klingons, rising against a weakened Federation, will be thwarted by Tribbles.

But in all seriousness, I like the introduction of new and old (from TOS and the first movie) characters in this ongoing series.  It makes me wonder who will show up in the movie.

This issue had a lot of great moments courtesy Bones and Scotty (individually).  In fact, my two favorite parts happen in the last two pages.  And can be credited to both of them.  You’ll see what I mean when you read it.

You can pick this up at your local shop or online here.

Written by Mike Johnson, Art by Claudia Balboni and Tim Bradstreet, Published by IDW

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