Star Trek Ongoing: The Truth about Tribbles Part 1

Mel: You know a comic is going to be good when it starts with a flash back featuring Spock Prime  (Leonard Nimoy’s  Spock) and a tribble. Spock Prime doesn’t even warn them about the little beasts. That crafty old bastard. I love him. Also, this review is going to be more vague than normal as to not spoil the lulz.

Stephanie: How much did I laugh at Mr. Sponk? It’s almost as great as people calling the iconic figure Dr. Spock… Yes.  I agree with Mel that it certainly is quite fascinating that Spock kept his mouth shut about the tribbles.  Much as we will about what happens.

Mel: We skip ahead to Scotty doing a ~test~ with the tribble (better known as that thing that looks like a toupee –Steph)  and the transporter. Yeah, bc that worked out so well for you last time Monty. It goes well, as far as getting the tribble to where it’s supposed to be but they are interrupted before they can do more test.

Stephanie: *cough* Archer’s beagle *cough*  I’m interested in if we’ll see more of this “Chris” character.  I’m telling you, Scotty’s nephew is totally Benny’s character.  Turned evil after being spurned by the Academy due to some, uh, unfortunate events.  I told all this to Mel already.  I’m sure she had a great time laughing at me. (I really did – Mel)  But seeing as Orci has mentioned the Ongoing series being canon events that take place between the end of STXI and the beginning of the as-of-yet-unnamed sequel, I’m looking for clues to dear old Cumberbatch’s true identity.  I’m willing to hear any other theories.

As long as it’s not GARY MITCHELL.  I’m looking at you Urban. (Best troll ever –Mel)

Mel: Through a course of events, the Captain leads an away team to the surface of a beautiful planet that is just teeming with life. You can practically hear Spock squeal with delight at all the data he can collect and learn from there. Data and Science is like porn to Vulcans right?

Stephanie: Right.
Also, gorgeous planet is gorgeous.  I can totally understand Scotty’s, Chekov’s and Spock’s desire to explore more.  If only those pesky Tribbles didn’t always tend to get in the way.

Mel: Kirk tries to have the team stay focused on the task at hand (saving the planet)  but between Spock weeping with delight at his Vulcan porn (science!) and the rest of his team getting distracted by shiny things Kirk has his work cut out for him. It reminds me of when I try to take the kids to the supermarket by myself.

“Get that our of your mouth, Spock! You do not know where it has been! No, Scotty you cannot have another doo-dad. You have ten aboard  the ship that you don’t even use! Pavel stop teasing the lifeforms! You know better!”

You get the idea.

The last panel of this issue had me chortling. I did not know people could actually do that. This story line is much more upbeat and lighthearted than anything we’ve seen yet. I’m actually really grateful for it. The stress of having to wait between issues with really serious plot lines was getting to me. Tribbles are a fan fave and I think they are on the right track with this.

The artwork is stunning here. It’s a different style than the two other artist we’ve seen so far but not in a negative way at all (Except Kirk’s hair. I’m sorry, it looks like some kind of helmet.  Or mushroom.  – Steph). The planetscapes  remind me of some vintage fabric (if it’s older than me it’s vintage) I thrifted. I may have to whip it out and make something for then next issue…

Stephanie: Yes, yes and yes to everything Mel said.  I was so happy to see a tribute to Tribbles in the Ongoing series.  It’s such a fun story and a bit of fun to mix in with all the drama and action that takes place on board Enterprise.  I mean, even the drama surrounding this issue had me laughing.  In a panel we didn’t include here, surrounding a life form I’m assuming native to the planet, I was giggling pretty hard as a result of Kirk’s misfortune.  Poor guy, why’s he always getting the brunt of the unpleasant stuff?  I guess it just goes along with being captain…

What I loved most from this issue, however, is the growing dynamic between the crew.  Here you see Scotty and Pavel bonding over science-y things, willingly hanging out and having fun together.  Not to mention Kirk and Spock’s growing friendship (which, let’s be honest is the most important piece of this franchise. Just ask Spock Prime yourself.  IT DEFINES THEM BOTH).  One of my major concerns for the next movie is how the rag tag crew of Enterprise from STXI begin to solidify into the group of people/aliens we’ve all grown to know and love in TOS (with obvious differeces.  Different strokes for different alternate universes and such).

It’s good to know there’s hope for the young and relatively untried crew.  I can’t for the next issue!

You can pick up a copy at your local shop or get it online here.

Published by IDW, Written by Michael Johnson, Art By Claudia Balboni


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