Comic Con Recap: Fri/Sat


The day started early for us. I’m talking 4 am kind of early. That’s right. We were up and in line for Ballroom 20 by 5 am. We weren’t taking any chances at missing the 10 year FireFly Reunion Panel. It was the third thing slotted in the day but lucky for me the two panels before it were things I would have been there for anyways.


First up we had ‘Community‘ which is in my top five TV shows coming back in the fall. I was a wee bit sad Donald Glover wasn’t there. *Sings* Tory and Abed in the morning. The panel did not disappoint. We got tidbits from the upcoming season, like Jeff meeting his father! One thing I think everyone in that room could relate to was how the fans of Community pulled together and fought to get their show back on the air. They did a fan tribute clip where it showed some of the things fans had done. There were art shows, flash mobs, sing-a-longs, and one dedicated fan replicated the 8 bit video game featured in one of the episodes. I cannot wait for the next season to see where the show goes. I have faith in the new writers. Remember: SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE! (No, really.)


Next we had the Legends of Korra panel. If you’ve been to our site before you know how much we love it (omg I’m still so jealous. Stop it! -Steph) This panel rocked. No really. Watch it here and you can see. From getting to see sketches from the upcoming season to watching the cast do a table read of some of the best scenes of the season. (Bolin you are still my favorite!). One awesome thing about the table reads was the corresponding art they put up while they were reading. They also did a season recap that left my friend and I teary by the end. Little did we know what was to come…


After Korra ended the room was all a buzz. The excitement only increased as the start time for the panel came and went. The cast was quickly forgiven once the panel got started. Emotions were close to the surface for everyone. Just go here and watch to fully understand. It made getting there at 5am worth it. I think the last 5 minutes of the panel were spent crying by everyone. I think it will go down as one of the greatest things, as a fan, I’ve gotten to be a part of. (I may or may not be tearing up now just thinking about it.)

After that emotionally draining panel I needed something light. Hurray for Star Wars Origami! I met a friend at 7AB and we had a great time. I think I did pretty well. We also made a light saber before we dashed out to get into line for the Sony panel.

On our way to Hall H we made a stop on the floor and we got to meet Orson Scott Card. He was at the Simon and Schuster booth signing previews for his new book Pathfinder. I kept my fangirl under control. I told him I loved Ender’s Game and was looking forward to the movie. He was gracious and didn’t seem to mind my awkward. (The casting for the film is out of this world. Just look.)

I was floating and didn’t mind the 20min wait to get into Hall H. Once we got in we caught the tail end of the Resident Evil panel, which reminds me of ‘The Land Before Time’ series (in that there are a million of them) but for grown ups. I will most likely watch once it’s out on DVD.

First up for the Sony Panel was ‘Total Recall‘. I will admit I was not amused when I heard they were remaking this. I used to watch the original with my dad when I was far too young to be watching anything like it. Seeing the clips though may have changed my mind. It also helps that Kate Beckinsale’s character looks awesome and John Cho is in it (yeah but doesn’t he get killed off early on in this? Or am I crazy? -Steph) We’ll see how I feel when it’s out though.

Looper was up next. I had no idea what the movie was about but the casting alone sold me. How can you say no to Bruce Willis (Like this: No. Just kidding -Steph)? The subtle changes they made to JGL’s face to have him look like a younger version of Bruce were kind of magical. The film deals with Time travel in a really cool way and has JGL confront his older self in order to kill him. Crazy right? I can’t wait until this one comes out!

So if the casting sold the last movie the creator of the next one did it all on his own. Elysium was written and directed by Neil Blomkamp whom you may remember for District 9. Then you add the cast of Matt Damon, Jodi Foster (excited to see her in another scifi movie -Steph) and Sharlto Copley and I’m already sold without seeing the seven minutes of awesome, action packed footage they brought. In short:

We finished out the night at the Penguin Publishing panel and then I went home to pass out.


I didn’t do much as far as panels go. I got a late start to the day, and then got there in time to meet up with a few friends to walk the floor. I got separated from them, and tried to find them via twitter. That’s when I happened to see The Nerd Machine send out a re-tweet they had 50 standing room only tickets for the Doctor Who panel later that night. I ran, yes ran, from the floor to NERD HQ. I was able to get a ticket after a little more running and a very kind staff member. (THANK YOU AGAIN!) A total of only 250 tickets were sold so it was very intimate. Plus all (100%) of the money collected from the panels went towards charity. Win. Win.

I messed around and found a place to sit until the panel started. It was a perfect way to end my comic con adventure. They were funny, kind, and Matt made me tear up when he answered the little girl’s question. Watch here and you may too.

All and all the con was awesome. I got to see most of what/who I wanted. I did miss the signing for the Star Trek ongoing crew and the Lucid signing. There’s always next year (which I also will be attending -Steph)!

What did you enjoy seeing or what would you have like to have seen?


One thought on “Comic Con Recap: Fri/Sat

  1. i wanna origami! thanks for the recap. i might let T drag me to Recall even though i really need Kate to eat a sandwich.

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