Comic Con Recap: Wed/Thurs

You may have noticed that it was quiet around here last week and that was because I (Mel) went to Comic Con 2012. It was awesome! It was my 3d year in a row of going and, dare I say, my favorite. (I didn’t go and seeped the entire time Mel was there. In fact, it’s raining on my face as I go through this post. -Steph)

We kicked off preview night by walking the floor and getting a feel for everything it had to offer. I ended up running into TWO different groups of friends while I made my rounds. If you’ve ever been to Comic Con you know just how crazy that really is. I would have taken more pics if my phone hadn’t died. Good choices though, right?

After I walked around I headed over to the Archaia and got my Fraggle book signed for my mini byJoe LeFavi. We talked for a good 15 minutes and ended up bonding over our shared love of TOS. I tried to convince him to read the Reboot Ongoing IDW’s doing. (I just happened to have all of them in my backpack in case I got bored ok?)

We finished off the night at the SyFy Defiance Cafe. While it was a little more than we would have normally spent, the food was yummy (Buffalo Chicken Salad FTW!) and you got a chance to try out the game if you sat in one of the booths.


I spent the first half of the day in Room 6A and saw a wide range of things that were all interesting.


First up was Fortnite. I’m not much of a gamer, but this one looked really cool. It’s more on the cartoonish side as far as style goes but I like that. There’s a great write up on it here that can explain better than I can on why it looks so cool to play.

Next was the “How to Train Your Dragon” panel featuring DreamWorks and Cartoon Network. I was super excited for this one. I loved the movie and really wanted to know what they had planned for the show. It takes place after the first movie ended and we get to see how the villagers deal with dragons no longer being their enemy. I was pleased to hear that a majority of the original cast was returning to the show, including Jay Baruchel as Hiccup and America Ferrera as Astrid. The first two seasons will lead into the second movie. The creators made it clear you don’t have to watch one to enjoy the other but will flow seamlessly into the other. SOLD!

Lastly in Room 6A I got to see my favorite author, Max Brooks, along side other great authors for a chat about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. I’m one of those people. You know the ones. They have an in depth escape plan, will argue over the definitions of a zombie, and have a mental list of weapons they’d need/training to make it out alive. (Cardio People!). In short, it was heaven for me. I flailed just a little bit when Max Brooks shared his love for ‘Shawn of the Dead.’ I also loved hearing how each of the authors made Zombies their own, from needing brains to keep body parts from flying off to a twist on the classic version where getting ride of the head doesn’t stop them. I vote no to those.

I think the only thing that could have made this panel better would have been if the girl across from me hadn’t been so rude (and if I had been there, naturally). She was there for the Teen Wolf Panel after and was constantly making faces and rolling her eyes at the panelist answers. She would have been easier to ignore if she wasn’t in my line of site and constantly turning around to mock the panelist with her friend that was sitting behind me. I also saw a few of the panelists notice her as well. I get it, Zombies weren’t her thing, however being rude is never OK.


After that I raced over to Room 24ABC. For whatever reason I thought it would take much longer to get into the room than it really did and got to sit through most of the panel about Captain Action. The amount of detail to make sure the packaging and the comic matched was impressive. I had never heard of this hero before and he reminded me A LOT of Sterling Archer. I kept waiting for the creators to show a “Drunk and got a baby tattoo’d” option for the action figure. lol While this wasn’t so much for me, it was great to see how much the panelist loved what they were doing. Nothing sucks more than a panel filled with people who are only there bc they have to be.


Next up was the Mass Effect movie featuring Freddie Prince Jr. The Film is done by FUNimation and you can read more about the details here. Again, I’m not a gamer but Bro in law was giddy over the idea of the film. What I did like is they brought in the composers for the game and film to talk about writing music for both. I honestly had no idea at the thought and work that was put into a video game score. Learn new things everyday!

And to round out the time in this room we have the one and only Karl Urban. He was there for the Masters Of the Web panel promoting his new film Dredd. The panel itself was about how movie sites like work as far as reviews go. One thing that was clear is everyone up there loves film and that’s why they do what they do. Karl got teased for giving nothing away from the new Trek movie (DAMNIT) (didn’t stop him from trolling, promising exclusive scenes from the movie. I guess he redeemed himself with the surfing though… -Steph) and talked about why he took the role of Dredd. Little known fact, Karl is actually a giant good looking nerd. He only considered the role because Judge Dredd never takes off his helmet. He also talked about the challenges that brought. The panel was win.

I then made a mad dash to catch Ramon Perez at the Archaia booth for a signing. Funny story: So when it’s my turn he kindly asks if I’d like it personalized. Of course I say yes and he starts to draw. Well when he said personalized I thought he meant he was going to draw me. So when I looked at the sketch I couldn’t help but notice how masculine he was making it. Then I realized I was an idiot and he was drawing the main character in the book. Not me.*face palm* I told him as much and then he and the gentleman behind me both reassured me I did not have a 5 o’clock shadow. I’m ridiculous.

I rounded out the night with a stop at the Simon and Schuster panel. Didn’t win any of their raffles but got a free tshirt so I count it as a win.

Stay tuned for my next write up where I talk about how Korra (wah -Steph) and Joss (waah -Steph) gave me ALL THE FEELS.


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