How to Make a “Brave” Cloak Tutorial

Remember in our review of Brave I told you I about the cloak I made for my mini? Well here’s a DYI breakdown to make your very own! It’s a good thing Steph asked for this bc the first one was a little small for my mini. Don’t worry though, it found a good home with my boy.

Follow the whisps this way to find out how….

What you’ll need

  • 1 1/2 yards of fabric- I used the only light weight black I had which happened to be knit so I don’t *need* to hem.
  • Measuring tape- You can use a ruler for the neckline but you’ll need a measuring tape for the lower hemline.
  • Cutting tool- Scissors or rotary tool work great.
  • Sewing machine- (not pictured)
  •  Needle- I used my ballpoint one bc I was working with knit.
  • Matching thread- I used white bc I was too lazy to change the thread so you could see what I was doing.
  • Chalk or fabric pen to mark your cutting lines
  • Ribbon, yard or bias tape- for ties

To start off you’re going to need to find that length you’ll be working with. The cloak is going to be a half circle when it’s all folded out. To find the length you’ll need for the neckline you’ll need to measure around the base of the neck and add 4 inches. I wanted the one for my mini looser so I used 20 in. to start. Then you’ll plug that number into this formula:

R= (2 x C) / 6.28

Using my numbers it looked something like this (2 x 20) / 6.28 = 6.36. To make it easy or me to mark I rounded down to 6.25 (6 1/4th)  since I started big to begin with.  Next you’ll want to fold your fabric in half width-wise or hamburger style if you will. (It will either be 45 in. wide or 60 in.)

Then you’re going to use the corner of your folded fabric as a pivot point and use your fabric marking tool to mark out your length from one edge to the other. This is going to give you the half circle you’re looking for.  Once you get this done repeat for the bottom hem. (Remember subtract the neckline from the length when you measure it out.)

Once both are marked, cut along the marked lines while keeping the fabric folded. It should look like this when you do. (It’s still folded in half.)

Now you’ll need to sketch out your hood. I did mine free hand but you can use a hood from a jacket that fits you or your mini as a guide. Remember the base has to be at least one inch longer than your neckline length*. It will give you the seam allowance you need plus some wiggle room.

*Remember that’s the  “C” (20 in. for me) in the equation NOT the “R” (6.25 in. for me)

Once you get the measurements right on your hood cut 2 pieces and sew them together along the top with the right side facing each other.

Then you’ll want to take the bottom of the hood and pin it along the neckline.

Sew them together.

Attach your ties.

And twirl

Or pick up your bow and arrow water gun

And have a blast!

You’ll notice that I didn’t hem the edges. My thinking is it makes it more ~rustic. If you need it fancy hem then edges. 🙂

Questions? Coments? Let me know!


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