Star Trek Ongoing: The Return of the Archons Part 2

Mel:  So when we last saw our faithful landing party they were fighting their way out of a bad place.  (If you need a little refresher go here. ) This picks up there and never stops moving. It was intense. Basically they have to find a place to hide but not just any place. They need one that will allow them to reach the ship. Should be easy right? Ha! Where’s the fun in that?

Stephanie:  I find it interesting that this starts off as a flashback, with Jim retelling the events for Admiral Pike.  I really like Pike’s character and am glad he’s involved in this series.  It also helps reinforce the fanon that Pike and Jim are pretty close and on friendly terms, despite Pike’s position of authority.

Mel: They do find a place after a few close calls. Praise be to Bones. Ten bucks says he threatened them all with hypos and they ran far far away. Sure he tells Kirk it was the girl, but I don’t believe it. Anywho, the girl, Ariel, then tells them all of how the people of this planet got this way. Turns out she fell in love with a Prince namds Erik but their love could never be bc she was a mermaid. Ariel was so heart broken she got her pet crab to put everyone under mind control with the help of a fish and a seagull. Now the entire planet is as sad as she is. True story. (girl, you know you’d be heartbroken too if you couldn’t be with Matt Bomer…I mean Prince Erik)

Stephanie: See, and the only thing I could think of was, oh boy here’s the first of Kirk’s girls to be introduced to the Reboot ‘verse.  I’m wondering just exactly how she’ll play out with Kirk. (He isn’t that easy ok?)

Mel: OK so I may have just confused two stories but it happens right? This part of the story follows closely with the TOS episode. You’ve got a crazy Sea witch  Scientist named Ursula Landru who goes nuts.  No one is amused by this story and they want to get off the planet as quickly as possible. Easier said than done. Once they do get a hold of Scotty the news isn’t good either. Turns out Kirk forgot to leave the parking brake on when he beamed down and the Enterprise is slowing being pulled to the surface of the planet. They eventually solve the problem while giving a wink and a nudge to the TOS episode. I don’t want to spoil it bc I was impressed.

Stephanie: Yeah, what she said.  Even though there are parallels between the television episode and this, there are also distinct differences.  I think it’s important to keep in mind that the Narada showing up changed not just Enterprise’s timeline, but everyone else in the known universe.  The effect of having a huge, tentacled, technologically advanced ship sets in motion so many different things (I’m feeling very verbose today) and thus the significance of Landru on the planet is much more far reaching than you first assume. (Look at you using big words! Spock would be impressed)

Mel: I have to say the ending was my favorite part. No really. Kirk has to explain why he thought the whole thing was a good idea to Pike but it doesn’t end there. Not by a freaking long shot. Not to give anything away but the whole thing reminded me of “A Scandal in Belgravia” from the 2nd season of Sherlock. There is so much that we don’t know. I wouldn’t put it past them to pull something sneaky by trying to get us to think a certain way. I’m on to you!

All and all I’d say this was awesome and every fan of the movies and show should read. Before you say: “But I’ve already read/seen this. It’s just a copy.” I call shenanigans. You haven’t. Sure they may have  some of the same events but these are completely different characters. If you want to learn THESE characters, what better way to do that then if they are put in similar situations. It lets you see what they would do differently or the same.  Maybe this Jim will never ever think the Fatshirt with Capri pants is a good fashion choice. I have high hopes for that one. (bahahahaha)

Stephanie: Yeah.  Leave it to Mel to stop the screencaps before the story gets to the really juicy part.  It’s good to see that despite the differences, Jim Kirk is still finding loopholes with the Prime Directive.  Some things never change.  But after the hell Kirk got about the Kobayashi Maru (where TOS Jim was applauded) I think we can agree there will be hell to pay.  Especially after…well…you’ll see if/when you read.

Each new issue gets me more and more excited for the next movie.  Especially since we’ve been told these comics hold some clues.  I’ve gone crazy trying to think of every possibility.  Especially about Benedict’s character and his villain fits in here.  Mel and I are sincerely hoping the next few issues sheds some light on things. (I WANT ALL THE THINGS NOW)

You can pick these up at you local comic shop or get them here.

Published by IDW, Written by Michael Johnson, Art By Time Bradstreet and Stephen Molner

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