Movie Review: Brave – New World of Princesses


Steph: This past Friday (6/22) Disney Pixar released their highly anticipated animated movie Brave.  I was lucky enough to take my 4 year old to an early 3D showing of it.  And it’s already become her new favorite movie.  No, seriously.  We hadn’t yet left the theater and she was already asking when she could see it again.

Brave is the story of Merida, a young Scottish princess who’d rather go out exploring with her bow and arrow than live up to the expectations placed on her due to her nobility.  Ultimately, it is her lack of desire to live as a “true” princess that leads to her changing her fate, along with her mother’s.  I didn’t know much about Brave going into the theater (kudos to Pixar for keeping things mysterious), so I was a bit shocked at discovering how Merida’s decisions so directly affected her mother, Elinor. (I know! I thought something completely different was going to happen… Like singing bears or something.) 

As much as this story reflects the way Merida grows and matures, it also deals with Elinor’s change of heart as well.  Their relationship is the pivotal part of the entire movie and really is quite touching; even as Elinor is changed due to the spell Merida bought. (Both Mini and I cried.) 

Not only is the animation stunning, but the plot as well.  The old legends shared weave together with the main story arc seamlessly and really adds a richness to the entire movie.  You can bet I teared up a bit with everything going on.

It’s funny too (as all these animated movies tend to be)!  King Fergus is this adorable teddy bear (ironic, really) and the triplets  are marvelously mischief.  (My son times three!)  Even the three lords and their sons bring humor to the table as they compete for Merida’s hand.  And let’s not forget all the butts.  Oh my, but there were a lot of butts.  My daughter, and all the other kids in audience, were near cackling every time there was one on screen.  I don’t know what this says for the youth and hope for tommorrow but…I laughed too.  So, yeah.

But what truly amazed me was seeing a “princess” movie that doesn’t rely on a prince (or a man who will become a prince due to his love of the princess).  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good love story like everyone else.  But it’s refreshing to see a young, strong girl take her place in the world without a man by her side.  And I think it’s important for the young girls (Pixar’s target audience) to see that too. (YES TO ALL THE THINGS!) 

So would I go see this movie again?  Definitely.  Though, not in 3D.  Honestly, I’d save your money.  There’s yet to be a 3D movie that impresses me enough to make me think it worth the additional cost. (I’m too cheap to ever do 3d.) 

Mel:  So I saw this movie this weekend as well and loved it. I’m not going to repeat what Steph said but I will share one thing that stood out to me most. The two main women were both so strong and powerful in their own ways. All too often I find that to be a “strong” woman you need to be more of a Merida and less of an Elinor. There is one scene (won’t spoil it) that proves that theory wrong and I loved every moment of it. The main thing I took away is we need to learn from each other.

My mini loved it but was a little stressed in a few parts. (She is my child.) Once we got home she asked for a cloak like Merida’s.I told her only if she promised not to cast a spell on me like Merida did to her mom. She agreed and I whipped one out. (I would take a picture but that would require her sitting still.) It was simple enough and if you want the DIY break down let me know. (Oh, you know I want it.  My mini wants to be Merida for Halloween.  Hello, workin’ the red hair!)

All and all I loved this film because it was about a different type of love and showed a different type of strength. Sometimes that means admitting you’re wrong and saying sorry. That lesson is timeless.  Well Done Pixar. Well done.


One thought on “Movie Review: Brave – New World of Princesses

  1. lol, if Pixar’s target audience is young girls then I’m the youngest and girliest of them all.

    Great review, I definitely agree that it was refreshing that there wasn’t a prince love interest at the center of it all. It just pisses me off that a lot of people are suggesting that just because she didn’t have a love interest it’s a sign that the was supposed to be a lesbian. Oh yeah, I forgot that any princess who isn’t fawning over a prince most of the movie is into girls…

    Here’s a link to my review of Brave in case you’re interested, I always love feeback 🙂

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