Legend of Korra season finale: Skeletons in the Closet/Endgame


Let’s all pretend I didn’t forget to post last week’s episode here.  I think I was too incoherent from all the feelings running through my head thanks to this show.  It’s lucky enough I’m able to string two words together after this Saturday’s hour long event.  Because let’s face it, Korra is far more than just a kid’s show.

This write up is bound to be full of spoilers.  Though I don’t want to say too much, Mel is still dragging on watching due to her fear of what’s to happen, and I don’t want to ruin all the fun.  So!  Under the cut I go!

After last week’s end with General Iroh (which oh em geeeeee grandson of Fire Lord Zuko!), Team Avatar is doing everything in its power to help take down the Equalists and regain Republic City.  They’ve gone underground, literally, hiding out with the hobos (remember the one from the very beginning of the season?).  They’re expecting the Equalists to be ready to attack once Iroh and his army arrive.   Of course they’re not ready for a sneak Mine Attack.  Or the new Aerial Invasion thanks to Soto.  So with an injured Iroh in tow, Team Avatar has to regroup and rethink a strategy.

This leads to the group splitting.  Bolin, Asami, and Iroh go in search of the airfield where Soto is building/launching the plains. Korra and Mako go after Amon (which pretty much puts an end to the question of WHO WILL KORRA END UP WITH?).  They sneak in only to find Tarrlok locked up in a cell.  Why is he the only prisoner?  Well…you get the full story from Tarrlok, including the knowledge of who Amon really is.

Noatok (which I mean, why that name?), Amon’s true identity, is holding a rally at the arena and Korra and Mako plan on exposing him for the fraud he is.  A man leading a group of Equalists opposed to bending who is secretly a bender himself?  GTFO.  It doesn’t quite go as planned, however, and Noatok ends up alone with Mako and Korra.  Where the unthinkable happens.

It was shown in the previews, Amon standing over Korra, hands placed to take away her bending.  But I was of the opinion it wouldn’t happen.  Because how could the Avatar lose her bending powers?  What I didn’t pause to think about, because I was too busy freaking out over other things, was that Korra had yet to unlock her airbending.  Amon can’t take away what isn’t there in the first place, right?

Korra unlocking her airbending meant reaching a hereto before inaccessible spiritual side.  And with that, Korra finds the means of regaining all of her bending powers.  Not just hers either, as we see Korra give back bending to Lin.

The scene that really gutted me, though, was when Noatok and Tarrlok are escaping.  Because…well, I don’t want to say exactly.  Mel needs to watch for herself. (I DO NOT! TELL ME TELL ME!)  But it really drove home for me that this show is not just a cartoon.  Really.  So much more than that.  It also left the end of that enemy story arh open for interpretation.  Because are we really sure that’s the last we’ll see of Noatok/Amon and/or Tarrlok?

Some notable parts included in the finale: Meeting another of Aang’s kids: Tenzin’s nonbending brother Bumi, seeing Korra’s parents again, Mako and Korra expressing their love for each other,

Some notable parts missing from the finale: Any and all backstory on the old Team Avatar: Sokka, Toph, Zuko…I’m still waiting to find out what happened to Zuko’s mom.  And who Lin’s dad is and and and. (YOU AND ME BOTH!) 

Basically, I am not satisfied yet.  I definitely need more from this ‘verse.  I hope there’s a possibility for more than just the second season.


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