Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise Parts 1&2



Story written by Gene Luen Yang, Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko bring

So I bought these thinking they’d be great for me to read while I wait for Korra to end and I can watch them all in one fell swoop. I tend to get overly emotional over fictional characters and I wanted to avoid that. Also, I was hoping these would tell me what the hell happened to everyone after the show ended. (AKA WHO GETS WITH TOPH, SOKKA, SUKI, AND ZUKO. ) LOL oh boy was I wrong. First off I wasn’t paying attention when I was buying these and thought all three were out. Nope. Third one’s not out until Oct. Good news, I preodred it. (Steph, go buy these so we can flail. kthnxbye. I will check my local comic shop.  Though it kind of sucks as far as having the things I want so I may have to turn to Amazon.  Unless they’re available for iPad? Hmmmmm -stephanie)

Now on to the story. It literally starts where the show ended. Aang and Katara are making smoochy smoochy on the balcony and Sokka interrupts them. Cue hilarity and adventure.

While the war may be over there are so many thing that need to be set right. Zuko gives his word that he’ll move the Fire Nation colonies out of the Earth Kingdom. Easier said than done. The moment the conflict raises I had an “AH HA” moment about Capitol City and why it needed to come to be. I’m excited to see how it will unfold knowing the endgame.

The *awesome* thing about these books is it keeps with the tone of the show perfectly. Toph and Sokka are still hilarious and I want them to make smoochy smoochy let me have this Aang and Zuko are trying to figure out what the right way is, while Katara is the voice of reason. I found myself lol’ing a lot as I read. Now I can only hope that Dark Horse will have the third one at Comic Con for a sneak peek (BEYOND JEALOUS BECAUSE I CAN’T GO AND NOT ONLY WILL YOU BE ON THE HUNT FOR THIS BUT KORRA IS HAVING A PANEL AND WAAAAAH /rant -stephanie).

Whose story are you dying to read about?


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