Legend of Korra episode 9: “Out of the Past”


I have so many feelings about this latest episode of Korra that I had to watch it twice before I could properly write up my thoughts.  And even still, I’m sure half (or more) of what I have to say will make no sense.

“Out of the Past” picks up where last week’s episode left off: Tarrlok locking up Korra in some secret hideaway in the snowy mountains.   His cover up story is pretty diabolical and only reinforces that while he isn’t an Equalist, he’s still a bad guy.

Korra being captured does lead to the beneficial discovery of the tunnels Equalists are using (I hope they come back to that in future episodes).  And also brings the return of Lin Beifong…who is quickly becoming my favorite character the more I see her (besides Bolin because he’s just so cute and funny.  The jail scene?  With the zipper?  Oh man, classic).  Sometimes it makes me sad to know Tenzin and Lin were together but not anymore because they’re so good together.  Well, as far as I know anyway (this is why we need more seasons.  So I can get more backstory for this world).

The love rhombus continues to get even more complicated as Asami becomes wise to Mako’s feelings toward Korra.  Even though I ship Makorra, I didn’t love how Mako seemed to completely forget about Asami.  I don’t know if that’s supposed to speak for his deeper feelings for Korra or the fact that he can’t multitask his feelings for two girls.  Either way, the way Asami looks every time Mako freaked out over Korra’s location…so forlorn.  I really hope this doesn’t become a reason/excuse for Asami to turn against Team Avatar.  Gosh that’d be lame.  I’m hoping all the feelings get resolved as peacefully as possible so that we can focus on more important things.

Like…how Aang and Sokka turned into some major hotties.  I mean…how freaky blood bending is.  At Nickelodeon’s site, there’s a clip that explores the origin of blood bending.   It makes sense.  There is water in your body, after all.  But seeing the way blood benders can control and contort a body scares the hell out of me.  How did Tarrlok and his father learn to bend without the use of the full moon?

Then there’s Aang going into the Avatar State.  The animation is crazy good and made me hurt just to look at.  Not only was Aang able to break through the blood bending powers but he was able to take them away!  Perhaps I just missed something really damn crucial in The Last Airbender, but I didn’t realize the Avatar had the ability to take away bending powers completely. (Mel here: Remember when Aang took away Fire Lord Ozai’s powers instead of killing him? That way Aang could stop the Fire Lord without going against his beliefs of taking a life?) 

And then Amon shows up and can do exactly what Aang did with Tarrlok’s father.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd?  As does the fact that Amon continues to let Korra live when he has had ample opportunities to wipe her out for good?  Instead of capturing her, Amon takes Tarrlok.  And I can only guess what he wants with him.  They’re not good guesses either.  Really.  Pretty piss poor.

I need so many different things answered that I wonder how that can get accomplished in the remaining episodes of this season.  I worry it’s not possible.  Especially with the teaser clips of the season finale.  Then I’ll be left to suffer until the next season premieres.

Crossing my fingers here for  some resolution at least.  I just may go crazy otherwise.


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