Star Trek Ongoing: The Return Of The Archons

(Watch out world, Mel’s got her sassy review pants on today. They’re blue btw. Like my name)

Mel: In this issue we start with a flash back involving Sulu and a bunch of old guys in white coats. They’re basically telling Sulu he’s awesome and trying to get him to ditch the Enterprise to join their ~special group. It’s safe to say he passes. (Suck it old guys! Sulu has his own epic friendship to define him on the Enterprise. *cough* Pavel *cough*) or does he? Perhaps he keeps ties with this secret branch of Fleet and still remains on the Enterprise and that’s why he’s so badass and will save the day? Hmmmmm?

Stephanie : I was going to be totally geeky and make my name Command Gold, but that doesn’t show up very well on the screen so…I’ll go with Redshirt Red instead.

This issue really should’ve been named The Return of the Archons; in which Sulu Proves His Badassedness. If you’re familiar with the TOS episode by the same name, then you know the beginning matches up pretty well with this issue (minus the secret meeting between Sulu and what I’m assuming are unnamed Starfleet officers). But unlike the television episode, Sulu is not made to succumb to the influences of Landru; something you glimpse right away in this comic.

Mel: Flash forward to the present. The crew of the Enterprise are on a hunt for a star ship there is no record of, on a planet with no life because Captain “My swagger is better than yours” Kirk has a hunch. Kirk knows about the ship only because he got an Admiral wasted and said Admiral let it slip. Naturally Jim goes off to explore the first chance he gets. (Because that’s always a good idea.)

Stephanie: Um. Does anyone else look at this exchange and think, it looks an awful lot like Kirk is teasing Spock…especially with the whole “read your mind” bit (I hope this is either in reference to Jim having shared a meld with Spock Prime and knows his mind pretty well, or even better, that he and his own Spock have melded in the line of duty and therefore knows the way Spock thinks).

Yup, that’s right. More focused on their epic romance friendship rather than the plot. IREGRETNOTHING

Mel: Bones isn’t down with the dress code or having to leave sickbay. I’m with you Bones! Let’s stay on the ship and drink! (Anything but Romulan ale. That stuff is like paint thinner.) You can tell me about growing up in Georgia and how you secretly love being in space. You don’t tell Jim because annoying him is one of your favorite pastimes, save annoying Spock. It’s a good life.

Stephanie: And see, I’m torn on their disguises. On the one hand, they’re not all sharply dressed in suits like on the television episode. On the other, Spock doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb; the only one wearing a hooded cloak.
But what I enjoy the most on this page is the artistry with the transporter. The swirls of light around their bodies as they are on the verge of being broken apart only to be reassembled planet side.
Isn’t 23rd century science grand?

Mel: Needless to say things don’t work out exactly like Jim planned. They find things are much crazier than they thought. Who knew? I’m guessing Sulu.

It really sucks having to wait for the next issue. While yes, this is based on a TOS episode of the same name (that I have seen) I really don’t know what to expect with this. I love it. The writers and creators of this have done an amazing job of weaving the old with the new. It pays homage to what’s come before without feeling like a copy. Plus this time around Spock isn’t the only one stuck wearing a ridiculous hood.  There’s a reason we work so well together, eh Mel? Great minds think alike.

Stephanie: The writers sure know where to cut things off in order to maximize anticipation…and aggravation. The great thing about the ongoing series is that while, yes, it follows a similar line of the TOS story, it’s still unique. Each issue has the opportunity to take a familiar plot and twist it, take it in a different direction, or just delve deeper into the motives that drive characters we already thought we knew.
What can I say? I love me some Trek. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can get it at your local shop or online here

Published by IDW, Written by Michael Johnson, Art By Time Bradstreet, Stephen Molner, and Joe Phillips


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