“Rocketeer Adventures 2” Review: Issue #2

I was going to do a post reviewing both issues #2 and #3, but I couldn’t do it. I should have #3’s review up soon. *fingers crossed* Until then let’s talk issue #2.


I was really pulled in to the first story from the get go. “Work to do” was dark, real, and beautifully done. The creative team for this did a fantastic job pulling all the elements together. I was stressed reading it and really wanted everything to work out. I found the ending bitter sweet and perfect.


The second and third one offer a bit of a relief from the tone the first one sets and I was thankful for it. In “Betty’s Big Break” we got a chance to see jealous Cliff which can be really funny if done right. And I thought it was! It really had the feel of a 40’s romantic comedy.


And the third story in this was a mix of both action and romance. Cliff gets the chance to save the day AND make his girl happy. The characterization for the mystery woman being rescued on this one was spot on. I knew who she was before the reveal and that only made it more fun.

All and all this was truly enjoyable to read. Especially for someone like me who’s a late bloomer in the comic world. It allows the reader to discover someone new or see their favorites in a new light.


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