Trip to the Comic Shop

Today I made my monthly run to my comic shop and picked up these goodies. Rocketeer Adventures 2: #2&3 (going back for #1 next week.) and Star Trek Ongoing #9 . I’ll review each of these later (Trek will be with Steph. So go get it Steph. <;3) but I was so excited for these babies I had to give a little ~preview if you will.

While I was at the shop I did spot the Doctor Who, TNG crossover and was tempted to buy. I’m a huge Trek fan but for TOS. I may pick it up next week when I go back. I also got one of the spiffy Trek covers for the normal price bc they didn’t have the regular floppies in stock. Awesome! (Another reason my shop is awesome.)

Now I’m off to read and get inspired.


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