15 minute Con-going maxi skirt tutorial

taken by an impatient 5 Year old

I’m on a maxi skirt/dress kick lately. I love them. I find them perfect for Con-going. They’re so comfy and nice looking at the same time. Perfect for those long days of walking the floor and meeting your favorite people. I plan on only wearing them at Comic Con this year. Save my cosplay of course. (I guess these are great for everyday stuff too… LOL.)

Quick disclaimer: to make it in 15 min you’ll need a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills. It’s not a race so if it takes you 2 hours your first time, so be it. So long as the skirt turns out well!

This is a brake down of how to make your own simple maxi skirt. I do mean simple too. You’ll be sewing 4 things. Plus we’re using knit here so you don’t have to hem a thing if you don’t want to!

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 1/4 yards 60 inch wide knit fabric. (Make sure to measure yourself before you buy to be sure what will work for *you*)
  • Elastic. Enough to fit around where you want the skirt to sit comfortably. Mine is 1 inch wide and ~38 inches
  • Sewing machine
  • thread that matches your fabric.
  • safety pin

Start by laying out your fabric, measuring out the length you’ll need and cut. I thrifted this and was super lucky that it was the length I needed. (40 inches) Depending on your height you may want to have it longer or shorter.

Take cut fabric and place right sides together (the part that you want to be the outside of the skirt) matching up the salvage edges and sew. Quick note here: My widest measurement is 43 inches so the 60 wide fabric is just the right amount of gather for me. Depending on your body you may want to cut away some fabric or add some.

Once you’ve sewn that, pick the side you want to be the top and fold it over to make the casing for the elastic.

Make sure you leave enough room so your casting will fit. It really sucks when you (I) have to redo it.

Sew along the folded fabric making sure to leave a gap so you can insert your elastic. Make sure it’s wide enough so you can get your elastic in too.

Attach a safety pin to your elastic

Insert it into the opening.

And work it along the top.

Once you’ve worked the elastic all the way around you’re going to want to join the two pieces. Make sure the elastic isn’t twisted before you sew. (I’ve done that so many times.)

I use the zigzag stitch when I do this.

Make sure to back stitch a few times to make sure it will stay.

All you have left to do is sew close the opening in the waist band, but before you do that you need to try on the skirt. This way you’ll know if the elastic got twisted, if you need to take it in, or if it’s too tight.

Once you’ve got the fit right, sew close the gap and TA DA! You did it! Since the fabric is knit it won’t fray and doesn’t need to be hemmed. You can of course hem the skirt but be sure to add any length you may need for that.

Now go make some!


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