Reichenbach Fall… and I weep.

GAH! THIS EPISODE! I think it was harder to watch the second, time around because I knew what was coming.  Oh Moriarty, you magnificent bastard. You played on people’s fears and insecurities and did it SO well.


Now, I really can’t say much about the show without spoiling it so I’ll show off the shirt I made. What I can say is you get to see a more human side of Sherlock and it may not be a good thing.  In the mean time, if you haven’t watched go do it now. No right now. Here look, I’ll even link you up to where you can watch at PBS’s website.

I think the shirt says it all:

The whole shirt was inspired by the fabric I used for the sleeves. It reminded me of the wallpaper in their flat.

I used this tutorial on how to make the sleeve and faked the rest.

And since the shirt was destined for a home that wasn’t mine I made sure to add a custom tag. One good thing though is we get a 3rd series. I will hold out hope until then.

Now you get to listen to Stephanie rant.


You’re all lucky Mel is so good about the non spoiling thing.  Because if left to my own devices, I’d have just gone all SPOILER ALERT and thrown up all my emotions over what happened.  What I will share is this: I convinced my husband to watch the series, better late than never, and he completely geeked out over this episode (well, the whole series actually.  But this last episode takes the cake).  The first thing he did once it was over was get on the computer and google “how did Sherlock ______.”  We then had a lengthy discussion about the different ways he could’ve done ______; much to the dismay of our 4 year old (who incidentally recognizes the theme song thanks to it now being the ringtone for my phone.  Oh and also, the moan courtesy Irene Adler in A Scandal in Belgravia, which goes off every time I get an email. Heh.).

I simply ache with the desire for more Sherlock.  Because what Mel said is totally true.  You get to see a completely more emotional Sherlock than you ever do in past episodes.  And John, sweet ugly jumper  John…his reaction to everything just guts me.

Excellent television, this show is.  Go watch it. It’s available on PBS.


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