Hounds of the Baskerville Fun

This episode was my fave of the series. I think we really got a little bit of everything in this episode. I’m going to try to explain my reasoning with as little spoilers as possible.

There was a crazy mystery that needed to be solve in a spooky place: Baskerville. Which from what I gathered is like the US’s version of area 51.


A young man in need of help:  Henry Knight who’s having visionsof a demon dog that killed his father years before. It seems as if only Sherlock and John can/are willing to help.  I did get a giggle at the casting choice. (Russell Tovey who plays a werewolf on the BBC version of Being Human.) Once you watch the show you’ll get it.


Sherlock’s super senses get put to the test and he is forced to question what is real.


And last but not least we get to delve more into the epic friendship that is John and Sherlock. For me this is the heart of the series and show over all. You can’t have one without the other. Sure they love to poke and prod one another, but they believe in one another.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you missed this episode or just want to see it again you can go here.  The next episode airs 5/20/12 and you won’t want to miss it! No really. I’ll also share the shirt I made that was inspired by this run!


Stephanie just wants to add one thing:

EVERYTHING IS SHERLOCK AND NOTHING HURTS (remember that for next episode).


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