May the fourth be with you.

So here’s a fun thing to do to celebrate Star Wars day.  Tie Fighter shaped soap!  These can be great gifts or something fun to do for yourself.

Come this way to learn how!

What you’ll need:

  • one block of melt and pour soap base
  • knife and cutting board
  • Star Wars shaped cookie cutter. (You’ll want one that’s hollow like the one pictured above. Which is actually a sandwich cutter.)
  • tinfoil
  • microwave safe glass measuring glass
  • microwave
  • essential oils for scent (if you like unscented skip this.)
  • other additive of choice.  Example: Freeze dried herbs, Lemon  peels, etc. (also can be skipped)

I went with an olive oil base for my melt and pour. You can get soap base at most major craft stores or online for a decent price. They come with many different base options and will look something like this:

Remove your base from the package and place on a clean cutting board. With a clean knife cut about 6 small blocks off. A base like this one will be scored on the bottom. If your cookie cutter is on the small side do less if you need too.

Once you’ve cut the scored pieces, cut them again in to smaller chunks. Try to keep the chunks all around the same size so they will melt evenly in the microwave.

Next you’ll want to place the cut pieces in your microwave safe measuring cup.

Now before you microwave your base (according to the manufacturers’  directions) you’re going to need a place to pour the melted soap.  Take your cookie cuter and wrap the sides and bottom with one solid piece of tinfoil so it looks something like this. (You’ll want to leave the top open so you can pour the base in.)

Most cookies cutters are the same on both sides but if they’re like mine and have plastic on the top you want to that that be the top and the none plastic side be the bottom. (You won’t be able to push the soap out otherwise.)

Melt your base per the manufacturers’ instructions. Next, add the oils and additives while the soap is still liquid. I used these for mine (Lemongrass and dried basil).

Once you’ve added what you want mix well with a spoon to make sure everything is evenly distributed.

Quickly, but carefully pour your mix into your mold.  It helps to have your mold on a plate or shallow dish incase there are any holes in the tinfoil. (Make sure whatever you have it on has is a flat surface.)

Now you wait for your soap to set up. I tend to leave it alone for about an hour.  Then I pop it into the freezer for about 15 min to make pushing it out of the mold easier. Once you’re soap is hard, peel off the tinfoil.

You’ll want to remove all of the bits and pieces off the outside first. Then you’ll want to slowly and carefully push the soap out the the mold from top out the bottom. This may take some time. Once it’s out it should look something like this.

Ta da! You did it!! I hope you enjoy!


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