Make your own sewing tags

So when I started to make wearable clothes I was constantly yelling at my hubs: “You put that on backwards! It goes the other way!” To give the poor guy a break I came up with this idea for tags. I used what I had on hand and made it work.

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

Scissors, sewing needle, floss (the green thread), scrap of old t shirt/knit, loom, and fabric pen.

You’ll want to take your fabric and get in nice and tight on the loom like so,

Next take your pen and make out the basic shape you want your tag. Then fill it in with the type of design you want. Here’s what I did:

Then I hands stitch over the design. Here’s a great places to figure out what stitch you want to use. (I can’t stitch and hold the camera at the same time… yet.)  Once you’ve finished stitching cut out your tags and TA DA!

They take about 5 min to do each and I sit and watch TV while I’m doing it.

Side note: Now if this isn’t up your ally here are a few other DIY tags that may catch your fancy:

Bunting Tag by Elsie Marley 

Mommy Tag by Delia Creates

Ribbon Label by Sew Delicious

EDIT: Here’s another clever tag DIY  Stamped Tags by No big Dill

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