Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Skirt

This is a skirt I made after looking at this site. I was showing my mini that yes, I knew of Strawberry Shortcake, and was remind of some fabric that was given to me. It’s ~vintage so I’d been waiting to do something special with it.

It’s a bubble skirt that I drafted myself using this tutorial as a guide. I made the top skirt twice as big as the lining skirt which was made to fit my measurements but a good 4 inches shorter than the top part. When you connect the two that difference is what will give you the “bubble” part of the skirt.

Then I attached a waits band added a zippers, and voila! Done. Ok it was no where near that easy. The skirt sat on timeout for a week until I figured out how I wanted to do it but you get the jest.

Here’s a picture of it on me. As you can see I had a little “helper” but I think it turned out nice. Props to my mini for taking the photo while her bother screamed for the camera. Nerves of steal that one.

Now I have something that reminds me of my childhood but still allows me to look like a grown up. WIN WIN!



2 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Skirt

  1. Omg, I love that strawberry fabric! I have about a yard and a half of it which I’ve been hoarding since 1988! How fun to see what you’ve done with it. 😀

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